Plufty, tenderness dealer

Les peluches commercialisées par Plufty® ont spécialement été conçues pour maximiser les émotions perçues par leurs propriétaires. Le choix des matériaux et les finitions de celles-ci sont gages de douceur et tendresse.

stuffed animals

Spread the joy around you with Plufty soft toys

Soft and pleasantly fluffy, our stuffed animals accompany children of all ages during their play sessions and naps.

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Enjoy a moment of relaxation with Plufty cushions

Thanks to their shape suitable for hugs and their satisfying firmness, our cushions accompany their owners in an unforgettable experience of tenderness.

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Wall fluffs

Brighten up your rooms with Plufty wall decorations

Discover our original selection of hanging stuffed animals. In addition to being an original decorative element, they provide a comforting and warm presence.



Give to your baby the softness he needs.

Made with ultra-soft and hypoallergenic cotton, these cuddly toys help young children discover their senses.



Enjoy the unique shape of our collectible Squishmallows.

Cuddly and wonderfully soft, these adorable furballs are great for cuddling, decorating or collecting.



2 faces pour 2 fois plus de bonheur !

Véritables stars des réseaux sociaux, ces peluches sont facilement réversibles. De quoi amuser la galerie !